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Frankie Bee, formerly Frankie Be Good was born in Jamaica, but currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His music styling is Fusion Reggae beats, coupled with words of love and wisdom.

Frankie's passion for music started back in his St Mary High School days; however, music as a career wasn’t his first choice. Shortly after high school he migrated to New York City and enrolled in College studying Political Science and Criminal Justice.  During his college days he performed at events on campus and sometimes on sound systems in the neighborhood.

Even though he was constantly doing music, Frankie didn’t see music as a career path for himself. He did noticed however, that music was the only constant in his life and wherever he goes the love for music always landed him around like-minded persons. Following his chosen career path he later moved to Fort Lauderdale.


Shortly after arriving in Fort Lauderdale he linked up with Jam Hill Studio, unknowingly following the pathway of a musical career. While in the studio doing a dub plate for a local sound system, he ran into Freddie McGregor who complimented him on his song and style, and told him that he can have a future doing music if he takes the business seriously.

He took Freddie’s advice, and linked up with One Love Production to complete his first EP “Tell Me Who.” His next musical adventure was to remixed and release “My Sweet Lady” formally “She Is Mine”.

Frankie Bee is now taking a more serious approach to music and has promised to live by the statement “Do music to share an experience not for popularity.” He vows to write only clean, feel good songs about his experiences, so that others may learn from his mistakes, adventures, funtimes and sad days.

His second release is an EP called “Life, Love and Experience". This five track EP was sold mostly to locals at events in the Fort Lauderdale area and has gotten good reviews from supporters. The CD has tracks like “My Sweet Lady” the lady’s favorite, “If You Wanna Go” and the much talked about “UR the Only 1” which is still getting played internationally. All tracks are available on Itunes, Amazon and several other online stores. In the first half of 2015, Frankie released songs like “Party Night” and the ladies favorite “Baby Come To Me”. In 2017 he compiled those singles to make his new EP with songs like “You Bring Me Joy”, the hot dancehall track and former IEE chart number one song “Turn and Twist” along with the EP title track “Party Animal”. This EP is available online and in local stores.  “I Wanna Make Love” is Frankie Bee latest single. It was released in July 2019.

He has been featured in the Jamaican Star, The Jamaica Observer and was nominated for the Best Lovers Rock Singer by The Lady Flava Show. He is currently busy showcasing his talent and promoting his songs via social media and around the Fort Lauderdale areas. In the summer of 2018, he joined forces with Inna Sense to form a trio of lead acts performing at 5'o Clock Somewhere . He could also be heard jamming with bands like Big Harvest on various Saturday nights. Frankie is now back on his solo mission bringing sweet melodies to the ears of those that want to hear an alternative to dancehall. 

His songs can be heard on N1M, Pandora, Jango airplay, Spotify, Iheart, Google Play, Soundcloud and YouTube. All music can be purchase on Itunes, Amazon and other leading online stores.

Interview with Rockdabox radio

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