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New EP called Take A Little Chance is now in store. The EP is made of seven beautiful tracks ranging from spiritual to dance.  Songs like I Wanna Make Love and The album title track Take A Little Chance continues to show the Frankie's romantic side and ability to put together catchy but meaningful lyrics. Now been dubbed the new Shaggy by many, Frankie continue to thrill the female with his vocal styling and seductive manner.  music.

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Frankie Bee second release is an EP called “Life, Love and Experience. This five track EP was one of the hottest commodity in the Fort Lauderdale area and has gotten good reviews internationally. The CD has tracks like “My Sweet Lady” the lady’s favorite, “If You Wanna Go” and the much talked about “UR the Only 1” which is still getting played internationally. All tracks are available on Itunes, Amazon and several other online stores. In the first half of 2015 Frankie Bee has released songs like “Party Night” and the ladies favorite “Baby Come To Me”.



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